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Magic Support

We love Magic and Mentalism. If you’d like to support us… you can leave a tip 😉 Merci! Thank you! Merci!

5,00 €

Do you want sell your magic or mentalism creation on the Sensei Cards site?

Do you have created or will create an own prop, routine, effect or something else? Do you will get not “to big” at the moment, but you will first test your success with a small order? Do you search help or ideas to improve or create your idea? 

So become a Sensei Cards Member / seller!

At Sensei Cards we are always looking for creative magic friends. If you have any idea that fits with our philosophy, please contact us and share it with us. We promise completely secrecy with anything you want to share with us.

Pros for you: You reach more selected people from different countries. But together we will still exclusive. We as Sensei Cards will help you to improve your creation and make the customer contact, shipping etc. You will be one vender of the exclusive community of Sensei Cards!

Pros for us: With the help of you, we can reach our goal: to become an exclusive magicshop for magician and mentalists around the world. But not with tricks, props or routines that everyone have but from locals magic friends who has created a piece of art.

Let`s talk about it 😊

Don`t hesitate to contact us!

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