The Crazy Chicken


The Crazy Chicken is one of those packet tricks that is easy to do and at the same time very surprising. The routines and effects are easy to follow:

Routine 1: Italian Chicken

One crazy magic chicken is between four eggs. With one finger snap, the chicken is disappears and only the four eggs are left back in his hand. Where is the chicken? This game is repeated several times. It’s the crazy chicken!  

Routine 2: Egg or Chicken ?

What was first, the egg or the chicken ? In this routine the magician give an answer or not, but at all is pure entertainment. It’s the crazy chicken!

Routine 3: Chicken Monte

A easy version of the 3-card monte but more funnier and fancier than the classic one, because it`s the crazy chicken 😉

Key points:

  • 3 routines (in several variations):
    • Italian Chicken
    • Egg or Chicken ?
    • Chicken Monte
  • Reset in a few seconds
  • Perfect for table hopping
  • Perfect for magician for children!

You will get: 

  • Professional printed cards
  • Over 30 min explanation video in English, Deutsch and Français with all the details
  • If you need a translation in Luxembourgish, or Spanish please contact us
  • Support by the creators if you have any questions

Regular Price: 22,50 Euro

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