The MuG


The Mug is a visual and powerful weapon. The routines and effects are easy to follow:

Routine 1:


Routine 2: Egg or Chicken ?


Routine 3: Chicken Monte

A easy version of the 3-card monte but more funnier and fancier than the classic one, because it`s the crazy chicken 😉

Key points:

  • 3 routines (in several variations):
    • Italian Chicken
    • Egg or Chicken ?
    • Chicken Monte
  • Reset in a few seconds
  • Perfect for table hopping

You will get: 

  • Professional printed cards
  • Over 30 min explanation video in English, Deutsch and Français with all the details
  • If you need a translation in Luxembourgish, or Spanish please contact us
  • Support by the creators if you have any questions

Regular Price: 79,90 Euro

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