6 original routines on the Theme of Cocktails and Tiki, the Cocktail God.

As most of SenseiCards’s productions, the possibilities are endless.

The perfect mix for all your magic moments.

From visual to mental magic with only a few cocktail ingredients.

Tiki is not a normal packet Trick; it’s a weapon!

The Routines included:

Routine 1: The Fridge

Tiki, the god of cocktails says, that the best cocktail have 4 different cocktail ingredients. So, the magician changes 4 oranges visual in 4 different ingredients; with a surprising ending. 

Routine 2: The Shaker

The shaker is like the fridge routine but more improved. Here you will learn a more technical version.

Routine 3: Random Tiki

The magician shows several ingredients for a cocktail. The spectator chooses “randomly” the only 4 ingredients/cards that give a beautiful revelation at the end. Here you will learn from the Sensei itself J. Benito some forcing techniques (the timeforce, classic).

Routine 4: Restless Tiki

The magician changes several times the ingredients for a perfect cocktail. You don`t believe your eyes. With a surprising ending.

Routine 5: Tiki Prediction

Like the name of the routines let guess, the magician/mentalist make a prediction. Here you will learn a cool version of a classic mentalist effect.

Routine 6: Mental Tiki

The mental Tiki is at least a two-phase version of the mental effect “coincidence”.

Key points:

  • Original routines
  • Endless possibilties
  • Perfect for table hoppinp

You will get: 

  • 8 cards (4 different ingredients)
  • 4 special cocktail revelation cards
  • 1 normal + 1 special envelope
  • 6 different routines
  • Over 90 min explanation video in English, Deutsch and Français with all the details
  • If you need a translation in Luxembourgish, or Spanish please contact us
  • Support by the creators if you have any questions

Regular Price: 27,50 Euro

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